A few pictures of the installation of the ORLACO CCTV system in our Motorhome.

Here the camera looks out over the back of the motorhome. There is already a pile of Ham Radio clutter on the roof and a special entry box with cable glands for the cables.

One multicore cable links the camera to the monitor.


The camera is sealed and pressurised with dry nitrogen. It has an internal heater for the screen.



Interconnecting cable comes ready terminated with quality screw locking connectors

















Wires were routed through the roof to the top of the cabin. The central interior light assembly was removed to gain access.  A key switched 12 volt feed was run from the fuse box to the monitor to power the CCTV system












The camera.
















The colour Monitor.

(Apologies for the  fingerprints!)












Monitor nestles between interior rear view mirror and interior light.













Monitor adaptable mounting bracket.








Monitor from the drivers viewpoint.

The other hole in roof is where the sun visor mounts. This  was slightly "modified" to miss the monitor.


The monitor includes a soft plastic visor.


The keypad along the bottom of the monitor permit many adjustments and configurations. Several cameras can be connected or sat nav if required.








Operating instructions.


















Assembly instructions 1

















Assembly instructions 2















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