Amateur Radio



Active Attenuator


Squeeker or Audio S meter


Code practice oscillator


Digital talk box


Computer interface


2 Meter direction finding antenna designs.




This is a little box that allows you to use the S meter of a normal radio under very strong signal conditions. i,e, when direction finding.


The Squeeker enables you to judge signal strength by listening to the pitch of an audio signal. If you are DF ing with a small beam for instance the pitch quickly indicates the direction of maximum signal strength. Also included is a simple method of reducing the RF gain of a handset to allow close in operation.


A simple circuit using junk box components to get you on the key.



Dual use box, for contests to call CQ or to accurately control a transmitter in ARDF applications.



Galvanically isolating so as to lessen the chance of you stuffing too much RF into your computer.



Two designs, a 3 element and a 4 element Yagi. The three element has all insulated elements. The 4 element has the reflector and both directors bonded to the central conductive beam - a ski pole.

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