The bridge is of steel construction on seven concrete piers. During the construction temporary intermediate steel piers were constructed to support the roadway until all the cables were in place.  The roadway was built in sections and pushed out from each side over hydraulicly powered and synchronised rollers. As the front section came to a pier it was lifted by other hydraulic systems onto the next pier.

The picture below  was takin in  August 2003 and shows the first section beginning its outward travel. Just look at the bend of the roadway under the steel top pier section.


The  Viaduct Visitors Centre in August 2002. A very impressive artist impression and lots of cranes were all that was to be seen.





The Millau Viaduct le Viaduc de Millau) is a cable stayed bridge that spans the valley of theriver Tarn  near Millau in southern France. The design was by British architect  Norman Foster. It is the tallest vehicular bridge in the world, with one pier's summit at 341 metres (1,118 ft)—slightly higher than the Eiffel Tower .



Some of the piers under construction.

It is  40 m (132 ft) shorter than the Empire State Building. It was formally opened on 14 December 2004 and opened to traffic on 16 December 2004.

A typical French viewpoint with "flower pot technology" tiled roofs.

Millau (Old spelling Milhau) is a beautiful town with many attractions and is positioned around the river Tarn at the mouth of the gorges.

Hang gliders are prolific during the summer from many of the hills around and if you venture with a "tandem ride" the views of the viaduct are magnificent.

Would you jump off  here?

However work on the viaduct continued unhindered.



The winter of 2004 was very wet. The Tarn was in  full flood. The picture of our normal camp site at Aguessac, about 3 miles from Millau shows this.


Completion is getting near.

2005 comes and the bridge is open. Are we going to try it? Do you think we are going to try it?

First we go for a saunter down the quiet lanes on our Monkey bikes.

Where can you get such breathtaking scenery as this?


From Pont du Larzac

Are you scared of heights?

Well, do not fear. There is almost zero feeling of height up in a motorhome on the Viaduct. Compared to the awe the construction provides from below the experience driving over it is almost disapointing.


The area around Millau is most beautiful and well worth spending some quality time in. There is much activity around the river Tarne, Many Tarn side camp sites around Millau and some quieter sites in the surrounding villages.

Horse riding in the Causse noir is magnificant with clean air and  total quiet if you wish.

Fishing? you bet!


On the other hand you just might bump into two mad Brits on their Monkey bikes!



iS Is there a Toll?  You bet there is!  Expect to pay about 7.3 Euro during non holiday periods rising to 9.7 Euro during July and August for vehicles not exceeding 3.5 tonnes.

If you are greedy and weigh over 3.5 tonnes then it will hurt a little more at  17.9 Euro.


Some duties always have to be done.

But why struggle?



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Our pitch at the municipal camp site at Aguessac, 3 miles from Millau. The river Tarne, now at normal levels is our doorstep.


Some bikes are madder than ours.

One more shot of the Viaduct.



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